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Nothing Takes The Past Away (With Black Frame)
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"Nothing Takes The Past Away"

Abstract Oil Painting 2010

Size: 29x24 cm (12x10 inch) with frame.

Sold to: Ljungaverk, Sweden

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Nothing Takes The Past Away ... Like The Future
Something Is Ending And Something Begins
And It's Only Matter What We Will Find Today
... But Then We Realize That
Today Is Just Tomorrow's Yesterday.

Nothing Takes The Past Away (Wood Frame)
With Wood Frame

Nothing Takes The Past Away

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MADONNA LYRICS: Nothing really matters - When I was very young - Nothing really mattered to me - But making myself happy - I was the only one - Now that I am grown - Everything's changed, I'll never be the same, Because of you, Nothing really matters, Love is all we need, Everything I give you, All comes back to me, Looking at my life, It's very clear to me, I lived so selfishly, I was the only one, I realize, That nobody wins, Something is ending, And something begins Nothing takes the past away, Like the future, Nothing makes the darkness go, Like the light, You're shelter from the storm, Give me comfort in your arms,