Geometric Art    Artist: Tommie Olofsson

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"Louisiana Blues"

Louisiana Blues
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"Can't Fight The Moonlight"

Can't Fight The Moonlight
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"The Answer Is Not Far Away"

The Answer Is Not Far Away
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"Houston, I Have A Problem"

Houston, I Have A Problem
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"The White Virgin Square"

The White Virgin Square
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"So Close, So Far Away "

So Close, So Far Away
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"The Green Trafalgar Square"

The Green Trafalgar Square
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"Cat People"

Cat People
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"In The End It Will Be
All Black"

In The End It Will Be All Black
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"A Peaceful Village"

A Peaceful Village
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"Taking Each Day As It Comes"

Taking Each Day As It Comes
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"Hole in One"

Hole in One
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These painting was created with the assistance of Geometric Art And Abstract Thinking.

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