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"Never Let The Hunter Shoot You Down"

Oil Painting, 2005

Size: 62x53 cm (approx. 25x21 inch) with frame.

Sold to: Vällingby, Sweden

Never Let The Hunter Shoot You Down
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One Woman
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"One Woman"

Oil Painting, 1996

Size: 73x60 cm (29x24 inch)


Sold  to: Singapore

"When A Man Loves A Woman"

Oil Painting, 2004

Size: 47x37 cm
(approx. 19x15 inch) with frame.

Sold to: Luleå, Sweden

When A Man Loves A Woman
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Still Ready For The Struggle

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"Still Ready For The Struggle"

Oil Painting, 2003

38x46 cm (18x15 inch)

SOLD to: Torslanda, Sweden

"Hold Me"

Oil Painting, 2001

Size: 35x27 cm (14x11 inch)
With frame: 38x30 cm (15x12 inch)

Sold to:
Torslanda, Sweden

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"Composition 37 CL"

Oil Painting, 2003

Size 33x41 cm (13x16 inch)
With Frame: 45x52 cm (18x21 inch)

Sold to:
Ronneby, Sweden

"Knocking On Heavens Door"

Oil, 2002

Size: 41x33 cm (16x13 inch)
With frame: 50x42 cm (20x17 inch)

Sold to:
Torslanda, Sweden

Knocking On Heavens Door
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The man in the corner
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"The Man in The Corner"

Oil Painting, 2001

Size: 46x38 cm approx. 18x15 inch

Sold to:
Båstad, Sweden

"The City and Me"

Oil Painting, 1999

41x33 cm (16x13 inch)

Sold  to:
Chicago, USA

The City and Me
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Sooner Or Later
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"Sooner Or Later"

Oil Painting, 2004

Size: 132x113 cm
(53x45 inch) with frame

Sold to:
Philadelphia, PA USA

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