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Artist: Tommie Olofsson

Tommie Olofsson Tommie Olofsson

Tommie 3 y Tommie Olofsson was born 1947 in Gothenburg Sweden. Now he live in the nature deep in the middle of the forest in Sweden. Tommie is self-taught and has been influenced to some extent by Picasso, Rembrandt, Kandinsky, Mozart, Stravinsky and Einstein. And of course, life it self... especially the hard part.

Tommie Olofsson's Collection of oil paintings shows a skill and familiarity with the concepts and applications of Cubism, particularly the earlier phase known as "Analytical", before the inception of foreign or found objects and variant color that came later in the "Synthetic" phase of Cubism's growth.
Tommie sells his paintings worldwide and is now represented in many countries as Singapore, Finland, Norway, Sweden, France, Italy, England and mostly in USA. Many paintings are sold even before they are ready.

"Try to see everything that's beautiful in life and
don't stare at all the crap that stands in the way.
I promise you, the beautiful is there!"

Tommie Olofsson

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