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City Of My Childhood Someone Still Loves You Lousiana Blues Searched For a Gate, Found a Bridge The Lonely Carafe On The Edge To Nowhere
Concord City Poet in The Desert Mona Liza Mr. Popova Poet in The Window The Light From Ossacip
Four Guitars Lovers Woman Without a Mask The Man in The Corner . .  illusion in the desert City at Sunset
Jesus Speak Now or For Ever Hold Your Peace Different Universe 1 Woman . . dreaming Carafe 6 The Blue Bull
Dont Let The Sun Go Down On Me One Of Those Days Black Sunset Le Grande Finale Framed Forever The Qartet
The City and Me The Ten Commandments Breakfast at Tiffanys Flowers Composition 3 The Blue Cup
Hold Me Bourbon Road Picador Violin The Light From Ossacip #2 Composition Empty Bottles
Maria Madonna Comp37 Spanish Music in Paris Birdie The Pregnant Carafe Vo-Le-Vo
Abstract Flowers One Woman Bluecastle Blue Water Different Universe 4 Butterfly
Different Universe 3 City Of My Childhood Dream 4 Portrait of Al Woman in The Middle Jolly Jumper & Big Moe
Knocking On Heavens Door City Flowers Hole in The Sky Blue Carafe The Yellow Chair Why
A Song For You Madame Butterfly        

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This document was created with the assistance of my Higher Power