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Just Another Reason To Let It Go

Just Another Reason To Let It Go

I Don't Wanna Face This World Alone

I Won't Give Up, I Won't Give In

Far Away Above The Clouds

The Way Of Goodness

Forget The Rules, Forget The Fools

Take Me Home Or Give Me A Sign At Least

Again and Again

Between Illusion And Reality

I Don't Regret This

Here It Is

The Long And Winding Road That Leads To You

It's Going On All The Time

Living On The Edge Of Life

All By Myself On The Outskirts Of Life

My Way Of Praying

It's My Life But Don't Blame Me

Nothing Is Ever Impossible

Nude But Blue

You And I Flying High

Susanne Blue

Do Not Let The Light Blind You

When It Comes

Light Of Goodness

Trying To Reach Heaven Before I Die

There Must Be An Angel Behind This

Some Colors To Remember Some Colors To Forget

Do It Now - It Is Too Late When You're Dead

It Must Have Been Love

There Must Be More To Life Than This

It's Hard To Say Goodbye

The Two And Only Reasons For Loneliness

I Believe That Love Will Find A Way

Give The Future A Chance

I Found Myself On My Knees Again

Just Another Dream Going To Hell

Just Blue Fantasy In Blue

Music In The Garden

World of Blue People

I'm Staying Here Until Hell Freezes Over

In The Middle Of Nowhere

When The Leaves Are Falling

Land Of Hope And Glory

Taking Each Day As It Comes If It Comes

Quite Liberating As Long
As You Can Stand The Anxiety

Even In Chaos There Is Hope

Because Of Him I Can Face Tomorrow

After Dark

Hole in One

Angel White

Another Life, Another Galaxy

Only Love Can Set Me Free
Even If I Can Be A Heartbreaker Too

Red Beauty

Holding Your Heart Close To Mine

Emotions Running Wild

Standing At A Closed Door Which Is Wide Open

I Am Trying But The Truth Still Remains

I Am Not Forever

Time After Time

I'm Heading For Somewhere
But What Is Stopping Me

Not Everything Is As Bad As It Looks

Never Felt Like This Before

When Today Is Tomorrow

One Mind Too Much

All We Have Is Now

One Among Many

Sunrise, Sunset

Easy To See But Hard To Define


All Things Comes To An End

All Things Comes To An End

There Is A Truth Behind This

There Is A Truth Behind This

I Don't Know

 I Don't Know

Just Waiting

 I Don't Know

Don't Giving In, Don't Giving Up

Don't Giving In, Don't Giving Up

It's Not Complicated, It's A Mess

It's Not Complicated, It's A Mess

Colors Blowing In The Wind

Colors Blowing In The Wind

Propeller Love

Propeller Love

Lost In The Rain

Lost In The Rain

Forever More

Forever More

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These paintings were created with the assistance of colors, lines and creative thinking.


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